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SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform that was established in Germany and started in Sweden. The platform enables its users to upload, promote and share their own sounds. Although the idea behind the platform is similar to that of MySpace, SoundCloud offers some distinctive features. For example;

SoundCloud allows its users to embed sound files anywhere

SoundCloud accounts can be combined with Twitter and Facebook, which helps users reach out their audience better.

Registered users can download up to 100 songs from the site.

Sign up was developed by the makers of LogMeIn and LogMeIn Ignition that allows users to easily access remote computers. is preferred by large corporations, small to medium businesses, and IT Service providers. gives users ability to share their computer’s screen with anyone who has access Internet. For service providers, accessing remote computers to take a closer look at issues that their customers experience is very time saving.

Sign up SignUpGenius

Many of us are tired of dealing with paper sign ups. Many of us feel that reaching out people and getting their names on a paper sign up sheet is time consuming stuff. If you feel the same way, join people who use SignUpGenius for coordinating their events. Coordination is a mouse-click away. With SignUpGenius, say goodbye to phone calls, paper sign up sheets, and online spreadsheets. SignUpGenius will remove many tasks from your to-do list, and make your life/job easier. Below are some features that come with SignUpGenius:

Sign up Soldier Front

Soldier Front is a free online shooting game published by IJJI. The success of Soldier Front attracted other publishers’ attention.  Nearly all MMO publishers now have a tactical shooting game.  Large selection of weapons/maps, large player base, good ranking system, and game records are some features that make Soldier Front a good choice for  free modern warfare game fans.


KHAN ACADEMY is a free learning online platform that provides online resources available to anyone completely free of charge. The platform includes thousands of online resources including videos, assessments, and interactive challenges.  Its extensive online library covers math, science topics (e.g., biology, chemistry, and physics), humanities, and computing. Students can make use of the library; parents and teachers can see what their students are learning and doing on the Khan Academy.

Sign up Kidzworld

Kidzworld is the first safe, secure social networking site for kids and teens. It was founded by Allen W. Achilles and launched in February, 2001. Kidzworld does not only provide a platform for social networking, but also encourages kids and teens to express through writing blogs, stories, and poetry.  Kidzworld includes news and reviews on movies, tv shows, video games and more. Kids and teens can create forum posts, access free action/sports/puzzle/adventure games, join groups, upload pictures, write blogs, design their own profiles and many more.

Sign up Star Wars:The Old Republic

Star Wars:The Old Republic is a free online war game that was produced and released by BioWare.  Star Wars:The Old Republic is a multipayer role-playing game in which players explore an age when there is a massive war between the Old Republic and the Empire.  In the game, players will be put on either side of the massive war diving the galaxy.

Sign up Nixle

Are you looking for a way to get notified about urgent safety alerts, health threats, weather warnings and closures & early dismissals?  Nixle might be the right place for you to get started. Nixle is the most widely used notification system in the U.S. that offers affordable notification services for every community. Communities signed up for Nixle will be provided critical public safety information from other trusted agencies such as police departments, fire departments, county emergency management offices, municipal governments, and their agencies.


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