About Us

Social MediaThis site is created to help you for joining, signing up online services. There are many online services on the internet yet a few are useful. We will provide selective list of online services for various needs. If we think any service is unneeded we will drop from our list.

Our motivation to build this is the questions related with  the sign up or join processes to online services like Facebook, GMail, Gogle+, etc. When these service become available most the process  was simple, and easy to join, but today's world is different and these processes become increasingly complex and obstructive. They need passwords with various length, asking for captcha to validate you are human etc.  We build this site to overcome this difficulties.  Also keeping privacy within these services are becoming increasingly difficult. We are living in the Internet era and we connect with the people around the world. We also include guides for setting up basic privacy.

Another part of sign up online services is keeping your computer secure and safing your online account.  We also provide guides on installing and maintaining necessary applications to keep your computer safe and provide links to the trusted online password generators.