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Writing and editing are different things. When we write we focus on topic, listen other's feedback and keep revisions of what we changed. Draft is the tool that helps you to achieve all of these. It has simple interface and all the formatting is carried by marking, like typing # in front of a line for first heading. You can share your document with friends for reviews or for team writing. Each editor of the document works on a copy of the shared document. The owner of the document see changes of each author and decided whether to accept it one by or all at once.

Sign up was developed by the makers of LogMeIn and LogMeIn Ignition that allows users to easily access remote computers. is preferred by large corporations, small to medium businesses, and IT Service providers. gives users ability to share their computer’s screen with anyone who has access Internet. For service providers, accessing remote computers to take a closer look at issues that their customers experience is very time saving.

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