Sign up Soldier Front

Soldier Front is a free online shooting game published by IJJI. The success of Soldier Front attracted other publishers’ attention.  Nearly all MMO publishers now have a tactical shooting game.  Large selection of weapons/maps, large player base, good ranking system, and game records are some features that make Soldier Front a good choice for  free modern warfare game fans.

Sign up Star Wars:The Old Republic

Star Wars:The Old Republic is a free online war game that was produced and released by BioWare.  Star Wars:The Old Republic is a multipayer role-playing game in which players explore an age when there is a massive war between the Old Republic and the Empire.  In the game, players will be put on either side of the massive war diving the galaxy.

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PlanetSide2 is a free online war game supported by Sony Online Entertainment, and released in 2012. PlatnetSide2 is a strategy game that can be played with multiple people. Player skill and teamwork are the important determinants of being successful in the game.

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